Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your fly rods Designed in Michigan?
A: Yes, the Two-Hearted Fly Rod is designed in Cannonsburg, MI. The various materials such as carbon fiber tonnage, fiber sheet combinations, how the fiber is directional orientated on the mandrel, what types of resins and resin combinations are just a few of the variables which make a fly rod unique and behave the way it does. All the components of the rod are purchased from various vendors. The carbon fiber blanks are manufactured by Toray Composite Materials, which is Headquartered in Osaka, Japan. I firmly believe that TPM manufactures the very best modulus carbon fiber product in the world. For a list of my other vendors please shoot me an email, give me a call, or come on in and I’ll be happy to share them with you. All the fly rods we sell build to last a lifetime with a warranty to match.

Q: Who does the woodworking?
A: I build everything by hand here in Cannonsburg. The White Pine that I use is harvested from old Michigan farmhouses. Most recently I took the siding from a farmhouse in Cannonsburg, Mi built in 1887. The 100 year+ old wood is uniquely distinctive, unlike anything you’ll find from a store or sawmill.

Q: How big is the J. A. Henry Rod & Reel company?
A: Not very!!! J.A.Henry is owned and operated by myself with the help of my trusty lab, Henry 🙂 For me, this is a labor of love. I build a handful of rods and cases each month. I currently have no plans to grow past my current production level.

Q: Do you offer different rod sizes?
A: My expertise is fishing, designing and building ultra-light fly rods. The Two-Hearted is the only fly rod line that I make and it comes in two different sizes; a 7’6″, 2wt and a 8’6″ 4wt. A 9′ 5wt will be coming in the fall of 2023.

Q: What if the rod breaks?
A: I offer a lifetime guarantee on the Two-Hearted Fly Rod. On this website is a Warranty section. From there you can print up a warranty form to send in along with the broken rod and I will replace it. The warranty cost is $75.

Q: How long does the rod repair take?
A: About 48 hours, give or take. The rod belongs in your hands and on the river, we will get it fixed and back to you ASAP!

Q: Do you offer a warranty on the fly reel and/or the Vintage American Fly Fishing Case?
A: Yes, I do. There’s a 1 year warranty on the fly reel. If the reel breaks within a year of purchase then please contact me. There is no warranty on the Vintage American Fly Fishing Cases. These cases are built to last for generations! You would have to run over it in a car to break it!!!

Q: Do you sell just the rod, or just the box individually?
A: Yes, I do sell the items individually. The reel, burl maple fly box, and rod can all be purchased separately HERE.

Q: Do you offer any customization on the rods?
A: Currently I do not offer any rod customization. All the Two-Hearted Series rods are identical. In order to keep the retail price of the rod to a minimum, I purchase large quantities of the same hardware and components.

Q: Where is the 2H-LA Reel Manufactured?
A: The 2H-LA 2/3wt fly reel is designed by myself and CNC’d outside of the United States. Feel free to contact me for more information about my suppliers (jahenryusa@gmail.com)

Q: Is the 2H-LA Fly Reel reversable for both left and right hand retrieve?
A: Yes, the 2H-LA reel is reversible. All the reels are set-up for a Left-Hand retrieval. This means you are reeling with your left hand and casting with your right arm. There are instructions for reversing the reel HERE. Instructions are also included in the case when purchased.

Q: Why did you start a fly rod company.?
A: Because I love chasing Michigan trout with light rods, light reels and light line. Most rod companies are going bigger, heavier and faster these days and I think people are missing out. When Im fishing with an ultralight fly rod, such as the Two-Hearted, I believe there is a more intimate connection between you, the flow of the stream and the your quarry.

Q: What fly line do you recommend?
A: The reel comes with 2wt floating tapered fly line by Rio. However, the Two-Hearted Fly Rod is a fast action rod with a sturdy carbon-fiber backbone and can easily handle 3wt line for shooting line into open water. I recommend the Michigan Made Scientific Angles Amplitude Trout 3wt, tapered floating line.

Q: Sometimes I like to take a spinning rod into small streams. How does the Two-Hearted respond with a spinning reel?
A: It’s amazing! Remove the LA-2H fly reel and put on a 2-3oz open-face spinning reel and you’re in business!

Please contact me via email with any questions.