J.A. Henry Fly Rods are hand-built to last a lifetime with a warranty to match. Each fly rod is backed with a lifetime guarantee. If the rod should break or become damaged for any reason, please follow the below warranty directions and allow a few days for processing, rebuilding and delivery. Please email me with any questions: jahenryusa@gmail.com

Download Warranty Form Here

To be eligible for the Warranty you will need:

  • The broken rod, which includes all sections and broken pieces. If any of the rod pieces are not present the warranty is not valid and cannot be processed.
  • Completed Warranty Form
  • A Check for $75


Q: If I just break the tip section of a rod, can’t you just send me a replacement tip?
A: No. The new tip section has to fit perfectly and needs to be fitted by hand. If we just send a random tip section to replace a broken one, there is a high probability that the diameter will be too large or too small by a fraction of a mm, and the rod will not function properly.

Q: How long does a rod repair take?
A: A typical repair will take 48 hours and maybe less. We like to get get repairs done immediately and get the rod back in your hands ASAP!