Two-Hearted Fly Rod Case with Rod, Reel, & Fly Box (2wt. 7’6″ 4 pc)

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  • Two-Hearted Fly Rod (2 wt, carbon fiber fly rod 7’6″ 2.8oz)
  • Vintage American Fly Rod Case
  • 2H-LA Fly Reel
  • Burled Maple Fly Box
  • 2wt Tapered Floating Fly line
  • 1 Year Free Membership with Trout Unlimited
    *NOTE – For a  customized cover, please email your ideas to
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The Two-Hearted Fly Rod Case comes with the Two-Hearted Fly Rod, the 2H-LA Fly Reel, & burl Maple Fly Box as shown.

The Two-Hearted Fly Rod is a hand-made, 2 wt., 4-piece, ultra-light fly rod weighing in at a mere 2.8 ounces and is designed and assembled in Rockford, MI. This rod was named after my many adventures on the famed Two-Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The rod is handmade from a custom carbon-fiber blank.  It’s a fast-action rod that casts nicely off the tip with accuracy. The rod has good midflex and fast recovery speeds. Despite its light weight (2.8oz), the rod has minimal tip-wobble with good tracking, contributing to its powerful feel for its size. I have been fly fishing for over 4 decades. I have owned and fished with dozens of different lightweight fly rods. I sincerely believe you will not find a smoother casting, sweeter action 2-weight fly rod anywhere!

The best part about the Two-Hearted? The fight! When the hook is set and the fish is on, prepare to feel every ounce of the fish’s energy. Every head-shake, direction change and spirited run is transferred from the fish through the light-weight carbon fiber to your hand. Fighting a resident trout or panfish has never been more fun! The Two-Hearted rod is sold with the 2H-LA fly reel. The reel is loaded with 2wt, floating fly line. The technical specifications of the Two-Hearted make it a 2wt; however, it can handle a heavier 3wt line without any problem. This is because the rod is slightly longer (7’6″) than your average 2wt and has a carbon fiber backbone, providing some additional strength and durability. More information on my website:

The Two-Hearted Fly Rod Case: A nod to the fly fishing pioneers of the late 19th century! This hand-crafted case includes the fly rod, fly reel, maple fly box, and double-taper floating fly line as seen above. This case is well-constructed and durable, built to endure for generations! It is intended for heavy use including traveling, camping and of course, fishing. This case is a piece of American history (hence the name)! More information about this product is on my website: The character and condition of the wood and grain is uniquely beautiful, conditioned by over 130 years of Michigan weather. The hardware includes unique, non-mortise hinges salvaged from a 19th century farmhouse. The leather handles are handmade and secured with antique trunk handle caps. Every detail of these cases is considered.

The case cover can be personalized for an additional $90 with hand-carved names, wedding themes, company logos, favorite fishing spots, etc. I will help design your cover at no additional charge.  The inside cover can also be customized.  Please contact me for special instructions:

Case dimensions: 27.5″L x 9.75w x 3.5″h
Weight: 10..8 lbs

The 2H-LA Fly Reel (Two-Hearted-Large Arbor) is a perfect compliment to the Two-Hearted Fly Rod. Chosen for its size (2.75” dia.) and weight (3.7 ounces), it’s a very light reel and notably durable. It has a hollow spool, large-arbor design. It has a one way bearing and an adjustable disc drag. The 2H-LA is a CNC machined aluminum alloy designed for high-impact durability and resistance to corrosion. Put simply, this is a tough little reel that delivers everything you need with a 2wt fly rod. The 2H-LA reel comes loaded with 20ft of backing and 50ft of tapered floating fly line by Rio.

The Burled Maple Fly Box: The fly box is a solid, burl maple box with 2 magnetic catches. The box is lined with pre-slit foam capable of holding up to 100 flies. The box measures 5.5” wide, 3.75” deep and 1.5” high.

30 reviews for Two-Hearted Fly Rod Case with Rod, Reel, & Fly Box (2wt. 7’6″ 4 pc)

  1. Teri White

    Omg! 😳 Wow! First thing I noticed was how heavy and sturdy it was built. Then the looks and finish were superb and smelled so good! This made my face light up! This is the first package I have been absolutely amazed by. I haven’t had a chance to test the fishing gear yet, but I’m sure I’ll be pleased. I had to write a review immediately after opening. Well done! Thank you!

  2. Jim W

    I received my Fly Fishing Case a couple days ago and I am BLOWN AWAY!!! The craftsmanship is incredible! The fly rod is beautiful, well-built, and exactly as advertised. I was a little nervous ordering a fly rod on-line that I have never used before but I couldn’t be happier. It feels and casts a lot like my Winston fly rod. The case was well packaged and included all the specs for the rod, reel and fly box along with the warranty and contact information. Very Professional!! Highly recommended!!
    Review taken from ETSY:

  3. Michael Wilson

    I’ve fly fished for 45 years and have to say that this custom case and fly rod is amazing. Having grown up in an older era of fly fishing, it’s like opening a treasure of childhood memories of my father’s old fishing gear. The craftmanship and attention to detail exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend it!

  4. Duane

    Very high-quality beautifully built rod the case is very well-made and is exquisite this will make a great heirloom to a fly fishing family

  5. M.Wilson

    “I’ve fly fished for 45 years and have to say that this custom case and fly rod is amazing. Having grown up in an older era of fly fishing, it’s like opening a treasure of childhood memories of my father’s old fishing gear. The craftmanship and attention to detail exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend it!”
    M. Wilson

  6. Margaret

    “I look forward to using this rod and appreciate the passion you put into rod building, woodworking and your love for fly fishing. I will use this rod and pass it down to one of my grand children who, I hope will love fishing and the peace of it as i do. Thank you for the opportunity to own apart of who you are. “

  7. Jason B.

    I was blown away when I opened the case! The craftsmanship of the rod, fly box and case is incredible! Thank you so much.
    Jason B. Golden, CO

  8. Ally Smith

    This fly rod and case was a birthday gift for my husband. Home run!!! Wow, thank you so much for sharing your talents. The case is absolutely beautiful!
    Portland, OR

  9. Jason Alcorn

    Blown away! The craftsmanship is unreal!

  10. Matt

    This is THE 2wt you want for those special days on the river. Cast is smooth and the action of the rod is better than expected. You can tell it’s a rod for fishermen made by a fisherman! And the custom box! Honestly what more do you need?
    Matt Bendle, Grand Rapids, MI

  11. Doug W.

    This “kit” is so cool. I had a memorial carved on the cover to my late father and it sits on the mantle in our family cabin. Such great craftsmanship. And the flyrod is perfect for tue Pine River in northern Mi. Doug W. Irons, MI

  12. Steve Millen

    Beautiful fly rod. Love the name “Two-Hearted.” Big bluegill fisherman and its such a perfect setup for fighting gills on the beds.
    S. Miller, Tallahassee, Fl

  13. Joanna DeVries

    Very professional! Great people to work with. They went above and beyond helping me with the graphic work for a custom carving on the case I ordered. J. DeVries, Evergreen, CO

  14. Jesse Stone

    Yes yes yes!!! Awesome rod and the custom case blew me away, wow!
    J.Stone, Great Falls, MT

  15. J clinger

    I ordered a custom carved case last week. They worked with me back and forth until I was happy with the graphic artwork and had it finished up and shipped to me in 4 days
    J. Clinger, Bellingham, WA

  16. George

    I didn’t know what to expect with this rod but after a couple days chasing trout in the UP it’s now my go to rod. Well made, light and fun to fish. Great job guys excellent t rod!

    G. Carroll Rockford, MI

  17. Jason Smith

    I broke my Two-Hearted fly ron in my car door. I sent it back to JA Henry and the replacement was shipped back to me in 2 days. I really appreciate that level of service!
    Jason Smith, Alpena, MI

  18. Chris M.

    Fantastic! The craftsmanship is exquisite! My custom box is a work of art and will become a family heirloom!
    Christopher M, Grand Rapids, MI.

  19. Corby H. -Grand Rapids

    Excellent lightweight action on my Two Hearted rod by JA Henry. Comparable to my Winston, but at a fraction of the price.
    C. Horlings, Grand Rapids, MI

  20. Jane Maas

    Customer service A++++!!! Andrew helped me design a custom cover for the fly rod case within hours of ordering. It’s a work of art!
    Jane Maas, Plymouth, MI

  21. James H.

    I’ve been fishing resident trout here in Mi for decades and always used a 4wt. or above. I am sold on a 2wt fly rod and I love the Two-Hearted and how it feels.
    James H., Bellaire, MI

  22. Dave Andover

    I broke my Two-Hearted fly rod in the first week I received it (rolled up in the rear window). A new rod was shipped to me within 24 hours. That is the kind of personalized customer service I look for. Well done! Dave Andover, Portsmouth, ME

  23. Jason Monohan

    I was fishing my 2wt. for browns on the lower Pere Marquette early summer and happened to hook into a pretty large steelhead. The fish broke my 4x tippet within a few minutes but I was very impressed by the strength of this fly rod. I had to call Andy at J.A.Henry and tell him and we incidentally talked fishing for 45 minutes. lol Great company, great guy! Jason M. Baldwin, MI

  24. Tim Beaman

    This guy is a big supporter of TU and an incredible craftsmen. Highly recommended! T. Beaman, Gile, WI

  25. Matt Oleski

    A work of art!!! Every detail is perfect, Andy is a true craftsman and a pleasure to work with, I bought this for a birthday present for a friend but will be ordering another one for myself!!!

  26. John B

    Excellent product. Andrew made the purchase and customization process a breeze. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none. I am very impressed and looks forward to years of use with this fly rod !!

  27. Steve Wilkerson

    what a piece of art !! met Andrew at midwest fly fishing expo , great guy , easy to work with , a true artist! the case and fly rod will become a family heirloom . couldn’t be happier !

  28. David Lawrence (verified owner)

    Purchased the 2 wt. rod, reel, case etc. Totally impressed with the heirloom quality of everything. A bonus was the beautiful custom logo on the top of the storage case. Absolutely stunning. Thanks Andrew.

  29. Russell LaFave

    Andy was great to work with designing my custom case. When I received the case I was in awe! It was exactly like we had drawn up but seeing it in person was stunning. On top of the case design being perfect the rod casts beautifully!
    Thanks Andy! You are the best👍

  30. Kier Breckon

    Unbelievable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Andy takes pride in his work and offers a level of service that is hard to find nowadays. The case and rod exceeded my expectations and anyone that has worked with J.A. Henry would agree they take it to a new level. This is an instance where beauty meets function and yields a true winner.

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